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The driver of the car, recognized as Ernesto Delhonte, luckily escaped the incident unharmed.

By Trisha Sengupta

Published ON JUN 16, 2021 06:11 PM IST

A submit shared by Florida Freeway Patrol on Twitter has produced a excitement on line. They shared three photos to show the aftermath of lightning that struck a vehicle’s antenna and resulted in a crack on the road.

“Lightning struck the antenna portion of this Nissan on I75 in Broward County at mm 30.5! It weakened the electrical procedure of the auto and still left a 7 foot long pavement gouge! Luckily there were no injuries!!” reads the caption shared along with the video clip.

The driver of the automobile, identified as Ernesto Delhonte, thankfully escaped the incident unharmed. “I saw a light and… I do not know what took place. But I survived. I am alive. It can be a wonder for me,” he advised WPLG.

“The electrical impulse from the lightning weakened the electrical system of the vehicle and it discharged on the floor just beneath the vehicle the place it created a 7-foot (gouge) in the asphalt of the appropriate lane,” Freeway Patrol Lt. Yanko Reyes instructed advised WPLG.

Get a glimpse at the shots:

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