REE Automotive’s Idea For EVs May Just Revolutionize The Industry

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REE Automotive is an Israeli EV startup headquartered in Tel Aviv with subsidiaries in the US, Germany, and the UK. It specializes in creating electric platforms for B2B transactions. The next generation of EV platforms is on its way, and REE shall play a significant role in shaping it. It […]

REE Automotive is an Israeli EV startup headquartered in Tel Aviv with subsidiaries in the US, Germany, and the UK. It specializes in creating electric platforms for B2B transactions. The next generation of EV platforms is on its way, and REE shall play a significant role in shaping it. It showcased its flat and modular platform design that offers freedom to create autonomous vehicles for current and future applications. First unveiled at CES 2021, REE showed off its magnificent electric skateboard chassis made from its patented REEboards and REEcorners. REE launched five new architecture designs and the technology installed within the platforms. The automotive company has specifically designed the chassis to support a wide range of commercial vehicles.

With a solid commitment to revolutionize e-mobility, REE Automotive has scratched age-old concepts to create a new era of building and designing tailor-made vehicles. Here’s a look at how REE Automotive plans to change the conventional working methods of the industry.

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Pushing The Boundaries Of Innovation

REE Automotive's Future EV Platform

Via Google/ Auto Futures

A lot of startups plan to change the world of EVs. However, REE technology is unlike any other the world has seen so far. With an idea to inculcate all driving components into the wheel’s arch, REE Automotive has taken a bold step towards remodeling the standard chassis.

While a traditional automobile consists of a steering column and in-wheel motor system, REE decided to remove the bulkier components and provide a flat platform. This allows complete modularity for length, height, and even width. REE uses fully sprung masses positioned on the side of the suspension for optimal ride and vehicle handling dynamics.

Skateboard platforms and wheel hub motors have just been introduced, but REE has taken a step forward and introduced its own cornerstone technology. This enables the components to expand in any direction as per the requirement. The agnostic platform allows complete freedom to use any method of control or power. A company from any industry shall have the autonomy to create a custom platform, large or small.

A Technology For Every Need

REE Automotive's Technology

Via Google/ New Atlas

Reimagining the vehicle functionality, REE has changed the perception of an EV Platform. Its technology will enable the adaption of new electric vehicle designs and platforms that could be achieved at lower costs and developed in a faster time frame than conventional EV skateboards. REE plans to innovate technology used in various industries around the globe. By operating using an REE platform, the Mobility-as-a-Service Industry can build front-wheel drive e-shuttles that could increase the maximum payload capacity for customers and consume minimal kWh. For logistics companies, REE will offer various configurations such as low-speed, all-wheel drive, and all-wheel steer to complete every delivery with the help of minimum turning radius and low in-step height for more effortless movement in congested urban streets.

REE can also offer a low center of gravity, unrestricted visibility, and all side accessibility to commercial vans for easy loading and unloading at docking stations. The main purpose behind REE’s technology is to offer AVs and EVs additional space for passengers, cargo, and batteries. If the electric vehicles are built on REE’s platform, they are expected to offer 35{d193e09a58b59d8db4f9cbfbd917777d90b1450a77600673ac73279d595e6255} more interior space than the commercial vehicles seen today. Since there will be more cargo space, it will reduce the number of delivery routes and lower the carbon impact.

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The Future Of Commercial EVs

REE Automotive's Innovative Chassis

Via Google/ Inceptive Mind

REE Automotive strongly believes that creating chassis for a build-for-mobility vehicle or delivery van should be an easy experience. The electric skateboard chassis of REE Automotive comprises REEboards and REEcorners. The backbone of the electric skateboard chassis is the REEboard. It is larger and a bit complicated than the standard analog skateboard. The REEboard also contains a battery for its duty cycle, providing a structural basis for any finished vehicle. The most powerful electronics and wiring, including the steer-by-wire, brake-by-wire, and accelerate-by-wire commands, are located at the corners.

REEcorners are mounted on the REEboards and contain the motor, spring, brake, damper, tire, and wheel modestly enveloped together. The size and strength of each component can be tailored according to the projected gross weight of the vehicle required by the specific customer. The full plug-and-play REEcorners can be operated by a person or via a computer, making it ready for all levels of autonomy, from level-2 assist to a delivery pod. REE takes great pride in creating a technology that is easily assembled, compact, and modular. For its innovation and aim to revolutionize e-mobility, REE has been the winner of several accolades. It has won the 2021 San Francisco Design Awards, the 2020 BloombergNEF Pioneer Award, and the IDA Design Gold Winner 2020, among others.

Ready for its commercial release, the REE technology was featured in Hino, Toyota’s Heavy Truck Division which unveiled its FlatFormer delivery concept truck at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. In late 2020, Mahindra signed a memorandum of understanding to produce 250,000 commercial electric vehicles based on the REE platform. Furthermore, REE is also collaborating with Tier 1 companies such as NSK, American Axle, Musashi, KYB, Iochpe-Maxion, and Tenneco.

REE Automotive’s technology is not ideal for a sports car, a luxury sedan, or an SUV, which is the primary reason why the company is focusing on commercial usage. It provides a blank canvas where customers can build their own EVs precisely tailored to their needs for a greener future.

Saving valuable space and offering easier maneuverability are some of the unique features that make this a prospective technology for the future. REE Automotive has commenced a bold new era for vehicle dynamics in a short time. Through the network of partners, the earliest electric chassis of the REE technology is slated to appear in 2023.

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