Which states buy the most expensive used cars?

Used car prices have reached record highs, with the average used car price at $24,710 according to iSeeCars.com’s recent analysis. This is a result of demand outstripping supply and because of consumer preference for more expensive SUVs and trucks over less expensive passenger cars.  

Car buyers in some states pay well above this average, while others pay far below. The state with the most expensive used cars (Alaska), pays $7,695 more than the state with the least expensive used cars (Indiana).

iSeeCars analyzed 8 million car sales to determine which states pay the most and least for used cars.

Used Car Prices by State

Which states pay the most for their used cars, and which states pay the least? Here are the average used car prices by state in descending order:

Average Used Car Price By State – iSeeCars
Rank  State Average Used Car Price
1 Alaska $29,656
2 Wyoming $29,419
3 Montana $27,303
4 Arkansas $27,123
5 Idaho $26,662
6 Texas $26,620
7 New Mexico $26,261
8 Mississippi $25,788
9 New York $25,693
10 California $25,555
11 Florida $25,478
12 Nevada $25,317
13 Georgia $25,299
14 West Virginia $25,260
15 North Dakota $25,259
16 South Dakota $25,156
17 Oklahoma $25,128
18 Louisiana $24,979
19 North Carolina $24,976
20 Rhode Island $24,962
21 Utah $24,842
Average Used Car Price $24,710
22 Colorado $24,684
23 Oregon $24,649
24 Maine $24,576
25 Alabama $24,534
26 Arizona $24,520
27 Massachusetts $24,491
28 Illinois $24,421
29 Washington $24,398
30 South Carolina $24,390
31 Kansas $24,357
32 New Jersey $24,329
33 Wisconsin $24,315
34 Tennessee $24,273
35 Missouri $24,142
36 New Hampshire $24,104
37 Vermont $24,033
38 Maryland $23,934
39 Nebraska $23,725
40 Pennsylvania $23,488
41 Delaware $23,469
42 Michigan $23,348
43 Hawaii $23,290
44 Minnesota $23,120
45 Iowa $23,062
46 Kentucky $22,995
47 Virginia $22,618
48 Connecticut $22,528
49 Ohio $22,244
50 Indiana $21,961
  • Alaska is the state with the most expensive used cars with an average used car price of $29,656. SUVs are the most common vehicle type in Alaska, accounting for 45 percent of all used vehicle purchases. Trucks are the most expensive vehicle type among Alaskan drivers, with an average price of $40,133.
  • Indiana consumers pay the least for their used cars with an average used car price of $21,961. The most common vehicles in Indiana are SUVs, which have an average price of $22,640.
  • Of the top 5 states with the highest used car prices, four are Western states.
  • California has the highest share of sedans at 34.8 percent, and the state also has the highest average used car price for sedans at $20,406.

What does this mean for car shoppers? If you are looking for a used car in today’s market, there might be a better selection of affordable used cars in a neighboring state. Although most neighboring states have similar used car pricing, states like Wyoming and Colorado have a $4,735 difference in average used car pricing.

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iSeeCars.com analyzed over 8 million used car sales from February – July 2021. The average price of used cars was aggregated for each state, as was the share of each body type’s sales within the state.

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